American Dad! Welcomes Back Wheels And The Legman [EXCLUSIVE CLIP]

Screen Rant has been tasked with a high-profile mission: exclusively presenting a clip from tonight’s episode of American Dad! season 17, which returns on TBS. Centered on ultra-patriotic CIA agent Stan Smith (voiced by Seth MacFarlane, who also created the series) and his family, the long-running show follows their adventures in Langley Falls, VA. The family consists of his loyal wife Francine (Wendy Schaal), his left-wing activist daughter Hayley (Rachael MacFarlane) and her kind but ignorant husband Jeff (Jeff Fischer), and his geeky son Steve (Scott Grimes). Last but not least, there is sarcastic alien Roger (also voiced by Seth MacFarlane) and the goldfish with the mind of a German skier, Klaus (Dee Bradley Baker).

With seventeen years and over 300 episodes under its belt, it’s only natural that each character has an abundance of side plots and arcs that have become embedded in audiences’ minds. But one of the absolute best running jokes on American Dad! has to be Wheels and the Legman, a detective duo made up of Steve and Roger’s respective alter egos. First introduced in 2007’s “Haylias,” the two crime-solvers have yet to solve any crimes—but they sure love to try.

In Screen Rant‘s exclusive American Dad! clip, provided by TBS, Roger is busy sewing back together all the pants he cut up into Daisy Dukes when he is interrupted by a very harried Steve. When a murder case crops up at his secret swimming hole, the police take their sweet time in order to take Steve’s hole for themselves. Unable to let that slide, he demands Roger bring back Wheels and the Legman for one more go-round. Check out the full clip below:

Roger is actively concerned that Steve may be too wrapped up in his own personal motivations—not to mention that Roger himself isn’t the guilty party in this instance, thus making him much less excited about solving the case. But the allure of investigating a murder is too strong, so they wheel their way down to the crime scene. Next, they head down to the docks, mainly because that’s where questions appear to get answers… And where puns find their home. To learn whether Wheels and the Legman get juice-tice, fans will need to tune into tonight’s American Dad! episode.

Roger has had countless alter egos over the years, but Wheels and the Legman take the cake. A perfect parody of classic detective team-ups, the clue-hunting duo not only highlights their own inefficiency every time they appear, they also connect back to various other American Dad! alter egos and references. Whether the latest swimming hole murder was perpetrated by one of Roger’s more malevolent alter egos or whether Wheels and the Legman may actually discover new darkness afoot remains to be seen, but the ride is sure to be a blast either way.

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