Elden Ring’s Best Fan Mod Is The One Piece Game We’re All Hoping For

An amazing Elden Ring mod transforms the game into a One Piece adventure by replacing key bosses with the manga franchise’s Yonko pirate lords. FromSoftware’s open-world fantasy epic released to acclaim earlier this year, and fan-made mods continue to adjust and enhance the soulslike experience. One modder recently added the Bloodborne gun parry system to Elden Ring, and now a crossover mod has turned the game into an intense One Piece adaptation.

First published in 1997, One Piece tells the tale of lovable pirate Monkey D. Luffy and his quest to scour the seas in search of Gol D. Roger’s legendary treasure. Throughout the manga series Luffy, and his cantankerous crew the Straw Hats, encounter fellow pirates who become dedicated allies or fierce rivals on the hunt for the One Piece treasure. One Piece was quickly adapted into an anime series, and since then it has spawned various spin-off projects like novels, animated films and video games. For example, the upcoming turn-based JRPG One Piece Odyssey will let players set sail alongside Luffy and several original swashbuckling characters.

An impressive One Piece crossover mod for Elden Ring has been shown off on Twitter by mod creator Arestame_Arkeid and One Piece aficionado Epicopboy. The mod turns FromSoftware’s fantasy RPG into a true Straw Hat simulator by replacing three bosses with Yonkos, the group of powerful pirates known as the Four Emperors. The Elden Lord Godrey is turned into Whitebeard, Starscourge Radahn becomes Kaido of the Beasts and Malenia appropriately transforms into Red Hair Shanks. While players are sadly unable to turn themselves into Luffy, the three Yonkos from One Piece are a perfect match for Elden Ring’s three demigod bosses.

One Piece’s Yonkos Make Intimidating Elden Ring Bosses

While Arestame’s One Piece mod perfectly matches the soulslike epic’s iconic and ruthless bosses, a Kingdom Hearts mod for Elden Ring is significantly more bizarre. The mod swaps out various character models, turning the playable Tarnished into Sora from Kingdom Hearts while the Liurnia boss Rennala becomes Genie from Aladdin. The mod refuses to stop there, however, with Rennala’s students being replaced by Peppa Pig and My Little Pony characters too. In all, this makes the Elden Ring mod feel much less organic (and much more cursed) than the comparatively subtle One Piece mod.

One Piece Odyssey will soon deliver an interactive high-seas adventure, but Arestame’s Elden Ring mod already creates epic clashes with the series’ pirate lords. Whitebeard, Kaido and Shanks are perfect analogues for Godrey, Radahn and Malenia, setting up intense open-world One Piece role-play. Players are unable to turn themselves into Luffy just yet, but another model swap mod would be a perfect way to complete this One Piece adventure.

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