Netflix’s Plan For Umbrella Academy Season 4 Is A Bit Concerning

The Umbrella Academy season 4 has been officially renewed as the final season for the series, but Netflix’s plan for the show is a cause for concern. Although it may be bittersweet for some, The Umbrella Academy ending may be a great sign as the show can leave on a high note. Netflix has not announced an episode count, but there are reports that the final season will be shorter than previous seasons, which could be one of the few downsides.

The season renewal announcement came alongside news that Umbrella Academy’s showrunner, Steve Blackman, will partner with Netflix on several future projects. Under the banner of Irish Cowboy Productions, Blackman will work on shows such as an original series called Orbital and an adaptation of the popular Playstation title, Horizon Zero Dawn. The latter is a collaboration with Sony, set in an earlier timeline than the game, and is rumored to be titled Horizon 2047.

The shorter episode length for The Umbrella Academy season 4 can be problematic given the previous show structure that worked for seasons 1-3. The show took its time interweaving separate plots revolving around its central characters, culminating in a joint effort to prevent the apocalypse. With a shorter season, there is a risk that certain plots may be rushed. With all the main cast set to return, it is likely that some of the individual stories will likely either be combined or lessened. Season 3’s final episode ended leaving many questions, so it’ll be interesting how they are answered in a shorter season, and whether some are left with a brief or ultimately lacking answer as a result.

Umbrella Academy Can’t Reuse The Same Story Tricks In Season 4

The choice to end The Umbrella Academy after season 4 might be the correct choice, but they can’t afford to use the same storyline tactics. In previous seasons, the characters would be split up for large portions of the season. For example, in season 2, Allison spent most of the season fighting racial prejudice alongside her husband, while her brother Five spent the majority of the season trying to stop a variant of himself from assassinating the president. If season 4 is to work, they will likely need to have more joint storylines. The characters have already been established individually, so the focus should shift to how their relationships with each other will evolve after having survived another apocalypse. The Umbrella Academy season 3 ending saw the Umbrellas split into smaller groups and go their separate ways, signaling that the plot lines in the final season will likely revolve around the separate splinter groups.

Heading into The Umbrella Academy season 4, the series has a chance to finish off strong after a successful run. After surviving three apocalypses, it is a perfect time to wrap the Umbrella’s journey up. Though there is concern with a shorter season, the show has already done a good job of establishing the characters, making for an action-packed finish.

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