Orphan: First Kill Star Shares Very Fun BTS Video Of Horror Movie’s Set

Orphan: First Kill star Isabelle Fuhrman shares a funny behind-the-scenes video from the horror movie’s blood-soaked set. Acting as a prequel to the 2009’s OrphanOrphan: First Kill is directed by William Brent Bell and chronicles the tumultuous events of Leena’s (Fuhrman) life before the timeline of the original film. The prequel sees Leena, a dangerous psychiatric patient, escape her facility in Estonia and impersonate Esther Albright, the missing daughter of a wealthy American family. Orphan: First Kill has received mostly positive reviews from critics, who praise the film’s inventive twists, bloody kills, and Fuhrman’s lead performance.

Like its predecessor, Orphan: First Kill has a chilling tone and plenty of unexpected reveals. In the first film, the major twist is that Esther, a seemingly innocent 9-year-old adoptee, is actually Leena, a murderous 31-year-old woman with a rare hormonal disorder. The sequel flips this twist, revealing that the couple who takes Esther/ Leena in knows she’s an imposter because their real daughter died. Of course, the film eventually becomes a bloody showdown between Leena and her adoptive “family” in the climax of Orphan: First Kill with a series of violent fights eventually leading to the death of the Albright family and their house burning down.

Despite the film’s serious tone and scares, Fuhrman’s new behind-the-scenes montage posted to Twitter shows that the cast and crew had a lot of fun on set. The video shows some of the trickery that went into getting Fuhrman to look like a young child but also shows the actor and her co-stars laughing while covered in blood for various scenes, with Fuhrman joking that it’s “just another day at the office.” Check out the funny behind-the-scenes video below:

In addition to showing just how much fun Fuhrman and her co-stars had on set making Orphan: First Kill, the video also shows how much creativity went into bringing the project to life. The clips show that the production used a lot of practical fake blood instead of CGI blood, which has become more common, but also shows that they used a miniature to film the house burning scene. The video also shows that her cast-mates wore large platforms on their shoes and that the production used child body doubles to create the illusion that Fuhrman is a tiny child.

Despite clearly operating on the edge of believability with its premise, the new prequel has proven to be an enjoyable entry in the franchise. That same fun feeling was also present on set. After all, with Orphan: First Kill’s brutal and violent subject matter on-screen, keeping a light atmosphere while filming is likely an excellent way to stay upbeat amidst all the bloody killings. Although it remains to be seen whether Orphan: First Kill will get a sequel, the video makes a strong case for letting the cast and crew re-enter the world once more for a third installment.

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