Game – Puebla Parade

“Puebla Parade” is intended only for adults aged 21+ and does not provide an opportunity to win real money or prizes depending on the outcome of the game.


Celebrate Cinco de Mayo in living colour at the Puebla Parade.

Dance until your feet are sore as the rhythm of the music continues through the early morning hours.

Let’s celebrate!


Vivacious visuals marry innovative features as the dancers serve as Wilds on the reels. Team have struck the fine balance between being creative with the features without pulling the player out of the gameplay.

The Dancer Wilds merge on the reel to create a Multiplier, stepping around the reels as they take to the dance floor. Expanding reels take five by four to five by seven paylines to make the dance floor bigger and create more ways to win.

During the Free Spins, a piece plays which was not only recorded by a Mexican Mariachi singer specifically for this project, but the lyrics are also bespoke; written by an incredibly talented Spanish-speaking songwriter. The use of a Vihuela guitar and original ‘gritos’ lends further to this beautiful game.



These two lovers show us how it’s done as they dance around the grid together.


There’s a reason her hypnotising Salsa steps are renowned throughout the town.


Known for his fancy footwork that could charm even the most reluctant of dancers.