Stranger Things Season 4 Music Supervisor Received Epic Metallica Gift

Metallica sent Stranger Things music supervisor Nora Felder an epic gift for showcasing the band’s song “Master of Puppets.” The Netflix’s massive hit Stranger Things first premiered on the streaming service in 2016, and quickly gained immense critical acclaim. The series has smashed viewership records time and time again, with season 4 volume 1 garnering 287 million viewing hours over the first three days of its release. Stranger Things has also received several major accolades over the course of its run, including 51 Emmy nominations, with seven wins.

Alongside its acting, storytelling, and cinematography, Stranger Things is known for its use of music. Each season has memorable music moments, from Will using The Clash’s “Should I Stay or Should I Go” to communicate from the Upside Down, to Max being saved from Vecna by Kate Bush’s “Running Up That Hill.” The show’s use of music has seen decades-old songs topping the charts once again, with Stranger Things fans listening to them enough to revive their popularity. Similarly to the sudden resurgence in popularity of Bush’s song was Metallica’s “Master of Puppets,” the song Eddie shreds on his guitar in the climactic season 4 finale. Metallica has already expressed their gratitude for Stranger Things using the 36-year-old song, using shots of Eddie playing his guitar as the background for Metallica’s own concerts, and even bestowing a signed replica of Eddie’s guitar to Joseph Quinn.

Speaking to the press (via Deadline) at the Emmys after winning the award for Outstanding Music Supervision, Felder says Metallica sent her an incredible gift to say thank you for using “Master of Puppets.” Not only was she sent flowers, but a “Master of Puppets” box set, which she says is worth around $3,000. According to Felder, Metallica was eager to welcome new fans that were first introduced to their music via Stranger Things. Read Felder’s full comment below:

They sent me flowers. They sent me this incredible ‘Master of Puppets’ box set, which I heard — you know, my son’s like, that’s worth, like, $3,000! Their management has sent me notes on their behalf. And they’re lovely. They’re really lovely people. I’m sure you’ve seen they’ve embraced everything. They’ve got lots of new fans and their older fans are kind of like, who’s all these new people? And they’re like, everybody’s welcome in the Metallica family. It’s just wonderful that the music is just bringing people together.

Though Felder hasn’t shared how difficult it was to license the Metallica song for Stranger Things, the band’s response to the overwhelming love for “Master of Puppets” shows how eager they were for their music to be used in the series. Recently, it was revealed that it took nearly two years of negotiations for Stranger Things to use “Running Up That Hill,” as Bush is very particular about which films and TV series she’ll let her music be used in. Ultimately, both Bush and Metallica made good decisions, as “Running Up That Hill” and “Master of Puppets” are now charting better than they did during their initial releases.

Not only were Stranger Things fans quick to download “Master of Puppets,” but like “Running Up That Hill,” the song was also made massively popular by TikTok users. While certain Metallica fans shared their disdain for the song’s revival, criticizing the show’s viewers for only discovering the song through the Netflix series, Metallica has been nothing but welcoming to their new listeners. As Felder remarks, music brings people together – and Metallica is certainly more than happy to bring Stranger Things fans into their own family.

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